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7407 Poorman Road
Vermilion, Ohio

Phone: (440) 967-5436

Day Care

IMG_1411Our clients choose day care for their dogs for various reasons.  Some do not have a fenced yard at home and want their dog to have a regular opportunity to run and play freely in a safe, secure outdoor space.  Others recognize that long hours at home alone with no human contact can lead to boredom and contribute to behavior issues.  Many owners choose day care to help their dog become familiar and comfortable with being at Animal Watchers so that boarding, when necessary, will be less stressful.

Whatever your reason for considering rightside_01_03day care, Animal Watchers is well equipped to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable day away.  With several spacious, double-fenced outdoor play yards, your dog will have room to run.  In our indoor playroom, your dog can enjoy television, a box full of toys, and picture windows that provide views of the play yards and nearby woods.  But most important of all, we will give your dog the attention he craves, talking to and playing with them off and on throughout the day.  Dogs who have been well-socialized, are exposed to unfamiliar dogs frequently, and have demonstrated the ability to play politely, may be candidates for group play if their owners choose to allow that option.   Others are happiest playing only with dogs from their own household, or one-on-one with us.  Whatever your dog’s preferences, we are committed to sending you home at the end of the day with a happy dog!

Your Pet Is Protected

  • All dogs must have proof of current DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations
  • Outside play spaces are double-fenced
  • Our building is equipped with an ultra-violet based air sterilizer to eliminate air-borne bacteria and viruses
  • Kennel surfaces are deep-cleaned using a high temperature steamer which kills germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, fleas, ticks, and eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals.
  • The property is monitored by a 24 hour electronic security system

IMG_1670Day Care dogs may be  dropped off:

Monday through Friday
7:00 AM – 10:00 AM             

Pick-up hours are:                  
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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