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7407 Poorman Road
Vermilion, Ohio

Phone: (440) 967-5436

The Scoop

v aframe day 1What's New at AW?

We are very excited to share that our student and friend, Hayden Traster, and her German Shepherd Dog, Sadie have several new accomplishments to report. Hayden and Sadie passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen test as well as their Therapy Dogs International certification exam. They are now a registered therapy dog team!!  In November, Hayden and Sadie competed in their very first obedience trial and earned the first leg for Sadie's AKC Beginner Novice title. She also took home a second place ribbon! We are very proud of them and are confident that there are many more ribbons in their future.

Notes from the AW Training Center

Animal Watchers Training Center's  2013 schedule of classes is now available on the website. Simply click on the training tab and choose "calendar" from the drop down options.  Classes will begin the week of January 21st.  Please make sure your dog's inoculations are current including bordatella.  You may register online or contact us for more information.

Australian Shepherd, Trip, who belongs to our training instructor, Marcy Smith, completed his AKC Companion Dog title and earned two legs toward his Rally Novice title over one three day weekend.  Trip brought home one first, two seconds, one third and one fourth place ribbon from five trials. A month later he completed his Rally Novice title with a first and a second place in one day.  When he isn't trialing, Trip is a visiting therapy dog registered with Therapy Dogs International and currently serving Stein Hospice patients.

Richard Stephenson's border collie, Vision, has been busy this year working to perfect his agility skills in preparation for his trial debut in 2013.  In addition, in May 2012 , Richard and Vision began herding lessons at Hado Bar Farm in Nova, Ohio. Both agility and herding require teamwork and require the dog to work at a distance from the handler. For those reasons, Richard believes that training in both disciplines simultaneously has benefits.

New Addition to the Animal Watchers Performance Team!

In September, border collie puppy, Cedar Make a Joyful Noise "Cheer" came to join Marcy Smith's family.  Cheer is a cousin to Richard Stephenson's border collie Vision. Both dogs are from Cedar Border Collies in Canada. We are hopeful that Cheer will follow in Vision's footsteps and excel at herding and agility.

img_0698t and the manners minder

We Like This…

The Manners Minder is a remote controlled reward system developed by Dr. Sophia Yin that is being used successfully to improve the performance of dogs preparing for competition, as well as to address undesirable behaviors in pets.  Since it won the 2008 Dog Training Product of the Year award and it fits well with our rewards-based training approach, we decided to purchase one for Animal Watchers.  Always willing to make a sacrifice to help his friends, Trip volunteered to assist Richard as he set up our new Manners Minder.

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