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7407 Poorman Road
Vermilion, Ohio

Phone: (440) 967-5436


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Abbie - May 2012
Abbie is a 2 year old, high-drive border collie.  She was adopted from Border Collie Rescue and found her forever home in Norwalk with her "brother" Kirby.  Abbie's name is short for Abracadabra ...."now you see you don't"!!  Abbie loves coming to Animal Watchers' daycare because she can run, run, run!  She's a speedster, running circles around you!  A typical border collie, she loves to creep up and pounce on her "brother" Kirby for a game of chase.  Being at Animal Watchers for daycare gives Abbie the chance to burn off some of her excess energy....agility classes have helped with that as well.  Abbie's favorite toy is anything that squeaks.  In her spare time she watches TV and gets excited every time she sees a dog or cat on the screen.  Abbie prefers to sleep on the the head of the bed....on a pillow. Spoiled??  Yes!!