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7407 Poorman Road
Vermilion, Ohio

Phone: (440) 967-5436


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Max - May 2012
Max is a one year old yellow lab.  He has boarded, and has been participating in private training and in-kennel training at Animal Watchers since he was a puppy.   Max 's experiences at Animal Watchers have been very positive.  Not only does he LOVE to stay overnight and play with other dogs, but he really likes the staff.  Max's favorite game is to tug on a rope...he is very eager to show you how strong he is!!  I would recommend Animal Watchers to other pet owners for their excellent care and personal attention during boarding,  I also recommend their trainer, Marcy Smith who has worked with Max for several months...and he is on his way to being the best dog I ever had!  Marcy is easy to work with and cares deeply about your pet.